4 person backpacking tent

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4 person backpacking tent

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What we may have failed to see, however, is the peril sleeping bags for adults of joining the world in feeling jouissance with regard to this matter. For, like it or not, the world groups us together with Harold Camping. For many, it is not a big step from mocking Harold Camping to questioning and ridiculing evangelical faith itself. There may be a spectrum of folly, but we're on it, at least in their minds. They see a man with a Bible making pronouncements and gathering enthusiastic followers. They see those disciples making "radical" choices based on teachings the world cannot grasp. Harold Camping and the whole "Judgment Day" thing may have been over the top, but it's simply an extreme version of the evangelical faith.Before we feel jouissance , that sense of emotional release and satisfaction at the discrediting of someone like Harold Camping, we should perhaps take a look in the mirror. It may be easy to spot false teaching like Camping's, especially when he and his followers spend millions of dollars to plaster billboards around the countryside. But what about all the "plowboys with Bibles" leading churches and "ministries" small and large in places across America and the world? At the foundation, what's the difference?

Chaplain Mike ~ no I don't think you were giving him credit. I remember reading a quote once that was attributed to Melanchthon. He was warning his good friend Martin Luther that if he persisted in his conviction that each person should have the Scripture and be free to read and interpret it there would be 10,000 popes running around. And Luther's response was something to the effect of so be it. And I agree. Even with the vunerablility that you mention the exped sleeping pad joy and freedom that comes from reading Scripture is worth the risk. I am one who was set free from the false teaching of an "exclusive" priesthood into the Biblical priesthood of believers and I thank God for that.So& .where are you going with this? We need a Magisterium? I think the guy is just sad, and qualitatively different from someone like Scofield. But if you're laying weird doctrines at the feet of Protestantism, you're 2000 years too late. Paul's epistles refer to some odd beliefs. Then there were Gnosticism, Donatism, Manichaeism, Arianism& . Nothing new big agnes sleeping pad under the sun. Sad, but not an occasion to fling Protestantism out with the bathwater&

Camping made the same claim of a "spiritual" fulfillment back in 1994 after his prediction that Christ would return that year proved false. This is exactly the tactic used by Charles Taze Russell, founder of Jehovah's Witnesses, in 1888 about an "invisible" Second Coming in 1874. I think Chaplain Mike has hit the right note here. As someone who has passed through the Protestant tradition from "right to left" I too find myself asking, "What provides an adequate basis for distinguishing ourselves from him?" That really is a question I know I need to grapple with in the wake of this story. Thanks for sharing this Mike.As I see it& that's how Christians do define themself. I read the George Barna book "Unchristian" and loved it. Having converted from Catholicism to looking into Mormonism to Evangelical Christian the book really resonated with me. My experiences with my family taught me how much Christians are defined by what they don't like, believe, etc& But when I de-coverted I noticed more so how many Christians are 4 person backpacking tent known by what they oppose. Or how people lump them together. Harold Camping was on the fringes but many people will associate Camping with evangelicalism because of the Left Behind series, etc..

On a side note can you imagine the reckless hysteria and problems if a natural disaster did occur yesterday? What would have happened it that Japanese tsunami hit yesterday as compared to a couple months back? For me it shows the danger of irresponsible theology and how that effects people. But the world is crying out for love, I know I am. But the church does have an opportunity to show love and grace in this entire mess. The question is this⬠¦will the church step up to the plate?" I must in conclusion say a few words to our modern Epicurus wantoning in his gardens with his favourites of both sexes. On your side are the fat and the sleek in their festal attire. If I may mock like Socrates, add if you please, all swine and dogs, and, since you like flesh so well, vultures too, eagles, hawks, and owls. We shall never be afraid of the host of Aristippus. If ever I see a fine fellow, or a man who is no stranger to the curling-irons, with his hair nicely done and his cheeks all aglow, he belongs to your herd, or rather grunts in concert with your pigs."

These people make a point of saying that they are more moral than you, and certainly more "worthy" than you. They are part of an elite the very few people that God will choose to "save" while the rest of us wicked people writhe around in torturous conditions. What they wish upon us is far more than laughter and humiliation: it is a slow painful death, the "wages of sin" that we so richly deserve. So no, I do NOT have sympathy for someone who delights in the thought of my torture and death while they party it up in heaven, and believe that this is all God's plan. It is, in fact, a very dangerous idea, and one that is rightly mocked and derided.The same people who helped my family when my father was laid off from the mines. The same people who help when someone sinks their life savings into a small business and it fails& family, churches, government etc& People make stupid choices all the time or bad things happen to them all the time there are provisions for that. I am far more sympathetic to them that I am for a group of people who invested their life savings in a concept, that had it been true, would involve them gleefully laughing at the suffering of myself and my loved ones&

Moralists preach salvation through works while scripture preaches salvation Christ alone. Again, one person backpacking tent a plowboy could read what the Bible says, but the many of the most influential evangelicals in America would say condescendingly, "you're over your head." Ken Ham poses an opposite problem, where literalism creates an exaltation above the the witness of scripture which is more challenging to oppose. When the plowboy questions if Genesis is really teaching literal creation days, the answer is, "stop using your head." The two sides are like the jaws of a vise which either crushes autonomy into submission to the heteronomy or produces cynicism that Imagen forces sincerely questioning individuals to give up and walk away.